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Primary Election

June 24, 2014

Note: this year Deb is a Republican party division leader, meaning she is in charge of five precincts, meaning she should stay neutral in party primary races, meaning that finally I get to call ‘em as I see ‘em!

Representative to the United States Congress District 5

Doug Lamborn. We continue to support him,and we encourage Doug to be more of a leader on religious liberty issues that rise at the Air Force Academy. His should be a booming voice against the militant atheists trying to shut down religious freedom in the student body.


Scott Gessler. He’s the only one of the four candidates who’s won statewide, as Secretary of State. Mike Kopp and Bob

Beauprez are good men also but lack this political track record.

State Representative, House District 15

Gordon Klingenschmitt

State Representative, House District 20

Terri Carver. Several strong candidates in this race, but Terri is a hard worker with an impressive professional and military background. She will distinguish herself in the legislature.

Country Treasurer

Duncan Bremer. Competent and experienced as a former county commissioner. (Full disclosure: also an excellent attorney.

We’ve used his help on a personal matter in recent years)